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Ciorcal Cairde: an Irish Gaelic phrase meaning 'Circle of Friends'.
It is pronounced "keer' cle care' deh".
It is who we are.

Let us make your next gathering the best ever! 
Whether you want a single piper, drummer, or an entire band, give us a call and we will be there.
There is nothing like the sound of the pipes to stir the blood!
...Except maybe a t-rex.
(T-rex not included in performance options.)


Performance Pipe Major

Kelly FitzRandolph has been piping since 1980. Learn more...


Drum Sergeant

Kathleen McIrvin is a professional precussionist and music educator in the Denver metro area. 


Music Director and
Competition Pipe Major

Jim FitzRandolph has been piping since 1981. If that tells you how old he is, he said to keep it to yourself. Learn more...


Pipe Sergeant

Patty Sutterlin has been playing bagpipes for several years and also doubles as a backup bass drummer in our drum corps!